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Eventos Kioskware - Product Description

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Product Description: EVENTOS is an independent POS and ERP service platform to be used as major parts of our eco system in self service retail. Front ends may be kiosk system, fridges with locker and sensor array, intelligent shelves with active price tabs and locations with object detection by software means.
Information are available in our dropbox repository, as well as in redmine [LINK: ] . We have user stories and BPMLs for different use cases and scenarios available. THIS SRD is only for the Operating system port and adaption, including the drivers of the build-in modules. It describes the required FUNCTIONS only, not the execution in software logic or tools to be used.
First phase will be a single test micro market, operates with our floor standing 32” portrait mode kiosk model. It is planned, to use a MVP milestone software to test the software, and improve it then during the fully operating test market. A roll-out hereafter is scheduled in a franchise-model. All markets are un-manned during operation times. Only ONE operator (franchise –partner) shall fill sold goods back into shelves, check the kiosk or the other sensors for running.

The EVENTOS ecosystem for self-service retail in it´s version with self-check-out kiosk as the front-end will consist of :
1. Kioskware (Frontend) [Bootloader, Linux Kernel, Driver, Communication Layer, JVM, Javapos, React.js (Bizlogic either in Java or in Node.js]
2. Middleware (EBS)
3. Backend (This document is for the backend with ODOO 11 community version)

Functions Prequel

The kiosk will be the entry point to scan products, taken out of open retail shelves, scan hot drink barcode on either cup or receipt, sell vouchers for hot drink machine (either-or).

It will be used to pre-order food for next days +14 days delivered to place.[Project-Code: Gelsenkirchen ]

It may be used to check “My account”, do enrollment and registration, if not done by Mobile Phone App. Later is to be preferred to avoid lines during rush hour, i.e. lunch break!

To improve User Experience, we will have to run transactions locally on kiosk, which will be synced hereafter. Only missed data shall be from case to case fetched from back end during transaction. Kiosk will perform transaction (limited in functionality) also when off-line. SYNC of local db and back-end is crucial here.

Besides the kiosk as an entry point we will have other self-service devices in the very near future.
Means the back end and middle ware must communicate with different front-end-types (IOT) not only kiosks.

System shall be installed to provide our Franchise partners the service as SAAS. Means a Franchisee may operate one or more markets. Purchase of goods by our registered suppliers will be via a central purchase method, which also will control in phase 2 then the to be implemented SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT-

User Interface at self-check-out kiosk

We plan to have a rich graphic fast responsive UI/UX. This will be programmed in “react.js”. The screens we plan to use will be 32” portrait and 15.1” landscape. So interface will be fully responsive. Good to look at this video in youtube: [LINK: ] Search: McDonalds Kiosk will give many other videos showing the UI/UX . A design example (prototype only) is here:

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